Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fires & Brews

We went out to North Douglas again yesterday evening, with a plan to build a fire. The thing to do is bring your own firewood, or a truck load of pallets, since cutting down trees is bad and any downed wood gets burned up pretty quick. All we had was a bunch of cardboard, a bag of leaves, and a determination to scavenge the shore for driftwood. Luckily for us, the spot we picked had a leftover pallet that someone had left from the night before, and we were able to gather up quite a bit of driftwood fairly close by. I got the fire going while Dustin manned the grill. We enjoyed some burgers and dogs, and relaxed to the sounds of whale spouts in the distance and seals playing right out from the shore. Our friend Spenser showed up in his boat to hang with us for a while. We all enjoyed a few beers and admired the amazing beauty that surrounded us. Spenser had to leave to get his boat back before dark and ended up letting his keys go for a swim, which is a whole other story you can read about on his blog, AK Livin'. While Dustin was helping Spenser with the key delimma, I was relaxing by the fire with just myself and my beer. Some people with truck loads of pallets showed up and started a fire about 100 yards down the beach from our spot, which turned out to be some Eaglecrest peeps that I hung out with until Dustin got back.

God I love Alaska. Everywhere you look, there's beauty. 

The sunset was gorgeous, as always. I just can't imagine how anyone can NOT love Alaska. Being that I love snow, mountains, and pretty landscapes, I'm certainly in the right spot. 

Also, yesterday marked 5 years for Dustin and I. I can't believe it's been a half decade already! It's definitely been the best 5 years of my life. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be in AK, shredding such gnarly, amazing mountains, and living the dream. I couldn't be more blessed to have such an amazing man in my life :) Now, enough with the mushy stuff... onto the photos!

Enjoying an Alaskan Summer Ale with a spectacular view!
Dustin on grill duty
It's not a burger without Texas Pete!
Burgers and views

Looking towards the Mendenhall Glacier from North Douglas
A ferry headed to port in Auke Bay
Spenser coming in for a visit on his skiff
Twilight & Fireglow
Looking towards the valley from North Douglas
Same shot, but with an ember from the fire floating by
Bonfire time!
She's a blazin...

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