Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We are moved! Finally! 

Yesterday we got the final piece of the move - the fish tank - completed. Those poor fish probably hate us right now for turning their home into a tsunami for a while. They seem to be settling back in pretty well. Winter could care less. She's such an awesome cat. Nothing phases her. I guess after 10 days in a car, 3 days on a ferry, and 3 weeks in a hotel room on our journey to AK, a quick move down the road was nothing for her.

Employee day was Monday. It was a blast. They turned the Ptarmigan lift on for only employees and their guests. Jello shots and a keg of Alaskan welcomed us up top in the Nest, and we had our own arsenal of PBR's and flasks full of sweet Disaronno. The weather started out kinda rough, with rain at the bottom and snow blowing sideways at the top, but eventually the storm calmed and it was nice soft snow falling from the sky until towards the bottom, where it turned back to rain. We ended up doing more drinking than riding, which wasn't a surprise given the conditions when we got there. Thankfully we all stayed safe and had a great time. Eaglecrest definitely treats their employees like gold.

My phone is jacked. I had to do a system restore on my iPhone and where I'm in AK, it won't reactivate unless it's on the Verizon network. That means I either have to send it to a Verizon store in Seattle, or send it home to my mom so she can reactivate it and then send it back to me. What a clusterfuck! I have great signal all over Juneau since Verizon shares towers with the local companies, so you'd think I would be able to reactivate it here too. The good news is they credited me $25 to my account, and will credit me an additional amount for how long I'm without my phone. I'll be without my phone for probably a week. If anyone needs to contact me or Dustin, Facebook or email is the answer. 


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