Sunday, December 30, 2012

Etsy & Rainy Days

As you probably know if you've read some of my previous posts, I have been making earrings lately. I've made mostly Alaskan Brewing Co. bottle cap earrings, but a few others as well. Years ago I dabbled in the earring making hobby but I just didn't get that into it. Now that I'm older (well, a little older), I've come to enjoy making earrings in my spare time (when I actually DO get some spare time! haha). I've made a ton for myself, and now I'm overflowing the bedroom with earrings so I've decided to start making more and selling them! I've sold a few pairs of the bottle cap earrings to friends and on Craigslist, and figured the time is right to put them online. I'm not really trying to make much money off of the earrings I make, but just enough to keep buying supplies (aka beer, for the caps of course :] and beads, crystals, etc).

Anyways, check out my Etsy shop HERE.

Aaaaand it rained today at the base of Eaglecrest. Kinda of a rain snow mix off and on all day. It was snow about mid-mountain on up, but it sure made for a soggy morning. After a couple hours it felt like I jumped in a lake. Dustin and I both were soaked to the bone. Luckily, we got to leave after lunch. It was nice to have a relaxing afternoon after working every day for a while. Definitely adding waterproof rubber rain pants to the list of things to buy. Judging by the forecast, tomorrow will be about the same as today. As long as there is fresh pow to slash up top, I don't care about the rain!

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