Saturday, December 1, 2012

Opening Day at Eaglecrest!

Today was opening day! It felt soooo so so so good to ride groomed runs and making lift laps. Although only a small section of the mountain was open, we still had a blast. We had training pretty much all day but it was good to brush up on some stuff and get some riding in with other instructors. There were two rails set up and it was dumping snow the whole time.We even did a little rail clinic to end the day. Hopefully the whole mountain will be open soon. Lots of snow is in the forecast, so if mother nature cooperates, we'll be getting more pow turns in again very soon!

Awesome first official day of the season!

This isn't relevant to opening day, but below is a video that we saw at the avalanche workshop we attended a few weeks ago. This morning I saw where my friend Lisa posted a link on Facebook and I was super excited to be able to watch it again since I didn't realize it was available online. It talks mainly about avalanche awareness and safety but also has many great shots of the terrain available at Eaglecrest! Even if you have no interest in anything to do with avalanches, watch it anyways to get a glimpse of what our season is going to be like :)

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