Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First Ride

We finally made it out to ride our new boards for the first time. It was a really fun, good day! The hike up was a bit tiring in spots because our friends that we hiked with took us a different, steeper route. I actually liked that way better since it's more of a straight shot up the mountain. It was definitely more of a workout, but well worth it! Hiking up really makes you appreciate every turn on the way down.

Starting Thursday, Eaglecrest will be open every day through the first week of January. It will be good to get on a regular schedule, make some money, and ride every day! Having normally two days off a week will be a change for us since we were used to working 7 days a week throughout the whole winter season at Beech. When you love your job though, you look forward to working every day possible!

Here are some shots from today's hike. It's mostly just scenic shots, because once we started riding down the light was so flat that it was hard to see much from the GoPro footy. It was a super fun ride down and I can't wait till the next storm to really test my board in some deeper snow. 

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