Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Snow & Sunshine!

We had an amazing weekend at Eaglecrest and we are SO stoked to have the opportunity to ride such amazing terrain! I've literally never seen, much less ridden, so much snow in my life. It just continues to blow my mind! We've decided that instead of waiting and saving up for splitboards, we need to buy powder boards as soon as possible. Our short little east coast park boards just aren't cutting it here. It's at the point that if we try to ride the boards we have in the amount of snow that's up there, it will become dangerous. We need more floating instead of sinking! We never had to worry about having more than one board back home, but here, a board quiver is a pretty much a necessity!

I also got to teach my first lesson at Eaglecrest over the weekend, and it went awesome! I LOVE the fact that we have two hour lessons instead of just one hour. The teaching terrain is amazing... plenty of space, perfect pitch for beginners, and I'll be able to get every lesson on the lift! No more hiking up and down a slope a million times and never having time to make it on the lift with first timers. The first lesson of the season always makes me smile. Every year, after going so many months without teaching, all I have to do is meet my students and it's like the summer was just a blur. The satisfaction I get by seeing someone go from never snowboarding before to falling completely in love with the sport is priceless.

Anyways, Eaglecrest is closed every Tuesday and Wednesday, so we had planned on sleeping in and chilling all day. When we woke up, it was such a pretty day we couldn't stand to stay inside, so that means you're about to get photo bombed! :)


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