Friday, November 30, 2012

A Drive on Douglas

Today we woke up with every intention of getting out and doing something fun, but just couldn't manage to get out from under the warm covers. Sleeping in felt SO good. Dustin was up before me, and I think I finally rolled out of bed around noon. After some breakfast we set out to run some errands, and ended up driving out the road on Douglas to snap a few photos since it was such a beautiful day.

Tomorrow is opening day at Eaglecrest! So excited! Even though only the Porcupine lift will be open, we'll still have fun. I can't wait for the whole mountain to open. I love hiking up to ride, and it makes the ride down seem much more meaningful, but I can't wait to finally ride a lift to the top so I can make way more than just one run a day.

Here are the pics I took earlier!

 I would LOVE to just slash down that face... looks like so much fun!

This guy made an appearance several times, but I couldn't manage to get a good photo :(

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