Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dredge Lake Trails

We were dying to ride our bikes today so we went out to Dredge Lake in the valley to check out some nearby trails. We found a maze of trails, some that lead us in circles, and some that led us to some really cool spots to ride. We found a long section of little rollers that were fun, then we found a nice technical section of roots and rocks. Those roots were pretty slick, so we took it slow considering all our protective gear, including helmets, are packed somewhere in the deep sea of SpaceBags in the car. The woods there are awesome. There is moss everywhere... covering the entire forest floor. It looked so nice and soft... kinda made me wanna lay down and take a cat nap. 

We also went and checked out the aquatic center. For $9 per visit you can go use the whole facility. Indoor pools and a hot tub sounds pretty inviting mid-winter! We will definitely be regulars there once I can dig out my swimsuit.

Here are a few pics from the ride...

I think this was the Mendenhall River? Not entirely positive though.

Got Mud?

This forest is beautiful. This was the mellow root section. Got a bit gnarly on up the trail.

You can barely see Mendenhall Glacier in the background.

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