Sunday, October 7, 2012

Perseverance Trail

The sun was out again today so we checked out another trail, Perseverance Trail. We started out at Cope Park since the road to get to the trailhead was closed. The park was cool. They had a ball field, tennis courts, and a kids play area. I'll have to remember that spot if I find anyone to play tennis with here. We didn't hike the whole thing because we only had a couple hours of daylight left, so we just hiked up to the waterfall. Part of that trail was super sketchy… rock slides where everywhere. We did see some snow! Seeing snow always makes me happy… even if it was dirty snow! haha. 

The water was so beautiful and clear! 

This sign literally made me laugh out loud.

These signs were kinda entertaining lol

Someone got creative

Kinda blurry but that's snow! Dirty snow anyways! :)

History lesson.

Rockslide, but this tree was determined to stay upright.

I think he was tired of photos lol

Now that's a sketchy looking part of the trail.

A bit of blue sky peeked through the clouds.

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