Friday, October 5, 2012

Rainy Day Exploring

It was another wet day yesterday, but still nice enough to get out and do something. We drove around until we found a little pull off on North Douglas. We splashed around in the water a while (thanks to my wonderful new boots), saw a sea lion in the distance, then made our way to Fish Creek to walk around and explore that area. It was a really cool scenic area, and is also part of the Mendenhall Wetlands State Wildlife Refuge. We found some awesome camping spots that we'll have to come back to in the spring.  We also came across some rather strange bubbles coming up out of the bottom of a pond... I guess it was some sort of gas escaping the ground, but it was kinda weird... as in a 'I hope this doesn't turn into a Dante's Peak style pond' haha. We also saw about a dozen different types of mushroom.

Today was somewhat productive. We looked at two 2br apartments, but they were a little ghetto compared to the 1br that we will be signing the lease for Tuesday. Unless we find something better before Tuesday, I guess we'll be taking that one.

These shells where everywhere.

Somewhere on North Douglas.

I hadn't skipped a rock in forever...

Well there's some poor animal's jaw lol.

Mushrooms were everywhere.

This one was shaped like a bowl.

And more mushrooms.

These looked a bit poisonous.

More mushrooms...

This lil guy didn't even care we were there.

Freaky looking fungi!

All those little black dots... birds. Lots of birds.

This camping spot was awesome, and right by the water.

Pretty lil flowers.

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