Saturday, October 6, 2012

Get Creative.

Something I've recently picked up doing is making jewelry. I've made earrings, necklaces and bracelets off and on for a few years now for myself, and after seeing some cool bottle cap earrings in a store at the mall, I thought I'd give it a try again. Since I've loved every type of Alaskan brewery's beer that I've tried so far, I figured I might as well make use of the bottle caps and try to recreate those earrings myself. And so I did! The ones in the mall were plain... just the cap on a hook, so for myself, I jazzed it up a bit with some beads. 

Here are the ones that I've made so far:

Here's some hemp bracelets that I made a couple months ago:

Although my hemp kit is in TN (I'll have it shipped to me when we get an address), I do have everything to make the earrings in the hotel room. If you would like a pair, drop me a few bucks for shipping, send me your address, and I'll make and send you a pair (also tell me if you want beads or just the plain cap and hook). So far these are the bottle cap colors I have: black, blue (it's a darker blue than the photo shows), white, and red (not pictured).  

If you have some cool bottle caps and want to try and make them yourself, click >HERE< for a good tutorial.

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