Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You CAN Make A Difference, So Do It!

Most people think signing online petitions are pointless, but they most certainly are not. Your signature CAN make a difference, just as one person's signature did for this one... 


In the past, I'd occasionally stroll over to Change.Org and sign a few that strike my interest. Now, especially after reading the above article, I'm going to make a point to sign at least 10 a day. It takes only a few seconds per petition once you enter your information for the first one. People have worked hard to start these petitions and they deserve our signatures. You can even have your name remain anonymous if you choose. If you have a heart at all, you will find petitions dealing with topics you care about and take those few seconds to do some good for the world. At this rate, this world needs all the help it can get. 

Here are a few good ones to get you started...

^ This one is important to me. When I was a kid I took a trip to Disney and saw all the beautiful sea creatures - trapped in concrete tanks. I understand the importance of nursing an injured animal back to health, but not keeping perfectly healthy whales, dolphins, seals, etc, in these concrete jails just to make a buck off the public. So heartbreaking. 

^ We all have heard of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) but most people are oblivious to how toxic GMOs really are. Studies have been done, results have been released, and despite mainstream media's efforts to keep these results hush-hush, the information IS out there and people need to know what Monsanto a.k.a. our government is trying to do - poison us to make a profit. Say NO to GMOs!

^ Ok, this one should be easy. We all hate mosquitoes. So why the HELL would someone want to release genetically modified ones? The scientists never get it right, and some crazy negative consequences will most certainly happen. If you think 'Oh, it's in Florida, it won't effect me' then think again. Mosquitoes fly. They travel. They will spread. They will bite you and then god knows what will be in your body. Think about that.

^ Reagan should've been smacked for removing these solar panels. Even though this doesn't directly effect us, the White House (and all the dummies that occupy it), of all places, should set an example for the rest of America to see. We all know clean energy is good, and if any 'house' should be eco friendly, that's the first one that should be.


Even if you don't care a bit about these particular petitions, there ARE some out there that will hit close to home. Find them. Sign them. Feel good about yourself for the day. And if you want more, there are several petition sites out there, another good one being ThePetitionSite.Com

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