Saturday, September 29, 2012


A few things I've learned since being in Juneau...

1. The housing market isn't playing around here. Places get scooped up seconds after they are listed, so the search continues. I literally refresh craigslist every 20 minutes. We could've already rented several places if it wasn't for Winter. All the good ones are 'no pets' :( But I can't leave my baby behind! I know we'll find the perfect place for us, it will just take time and work to find it.

2. Subaru has let me down since the navigation system apparently doesn't include Alaska. We went to the Subaru dealership here and asked if we could buy a disc, but no... no navigation disc for AK exists apparently. Now what used to be a map that kept me from getting lost is now a zoomed out view of the state of Alaska. Good thing Juneau is pretty easy to navigate, I really don't even need it here anyways.

3. No place in Juneau sells Rain Vodka, my favorite organic liquor! :( But the kick ass Alaskan beer (particularly the Raspberry Wheat and the Amber Ale) which is brewed locally here in Juneau has made up for it. p.s... can you mail vodka? lol Speaking of mailing liquids... I'm having a major Dr. Enuf withdrawal. Somebody's gonna have to send us some Dr. Enuf before we go crazy, and if you've never tried that stuff, you will be hooked.

4. I'm determined to get better on a skateboard. We checked out the skatepark here, which is covered so  it would be something to do on a rainy day, and there are plenty of those! It's a pretty chill skatepark, and the mini ramp looks super fun. I wish I had my skateboard here now.

All in all, Juneau is still pretty f'n amazing! It will be even better once we find a place to live so I can get all the crap out of the car (and our poor bikes can get out of the rain). Sequence, the local skate/snow shop, had a video premiere today. Now my snow itch is almost maxed out. I can't wait till I can slash some pow! Here's the teaser for the video we watched today:

We've found a very cool beach area called Sunshine Cove that we want to camp at if we ever have a non-rainy couple of days. We've went through two tanks of gas just driving around and exploring. One thing about Juneau, even though it's only accessibly by sea or air and no roads lead out, it's just big enough that you don't feel 'confined'. It feels like two or three smaller towns all combined since it's divided up into different sections. As long as there's good snow, good people, and good beer, that's all we need! I really like it here and could see myself living here for quite a while.

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