Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Order of Rain, Coming Right Up!

Before we came here we knew it rained a lot. I mean, a LOT. It's rained pretty much ever since we arrived, but honestly, it's not that bad. I can't wait till all this rain turns to SNOW! We've been out and about, exploring different parts of Juneau, walking around the downtown area and the rain hasn't even phased us. Thanks to some good waterproof gear, we've stayed nice and dry. I did buy some rain boots today. Don't wanna ruin my fresh Nike's :) 

Oh, and it SNOWED on the mountain tops this evening :) Super excited to see that, even though it just looked like a dusting, they were white! Any amount of snow puts a smile on my face.

We've gone in a ton of shops downtown. We also found the most expensive Mexican restaurant ever. $5 for a taco, and $5 for a chip refill? NO thanks. All the restaurants we've been to downtown have been real tourist trappy though. Once we go away from downtown it gets back to normal. Today was the last day of cruise ships, so some of the restaurants downtown said the prices drop for the winter... thank goodness! I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time in the dt area because the vibe is super chill. 

The Mt. Roberts Tram was fun. It was the last day to ride it until next May, so we splurged and bought tickets. It was cool... we hiked around some trails at the top and watched a cool short movie on the Tlingit people, who are the REAL locals of Juneau. 

Some friends we made on the ferry invited us to go bowling tonight. I got two strikes in a row, which never ever happens haha. After bowling, we all went to this Russian food spot... can't remember the name of it since I could barely even pronounce it. Pretty damn good for just having two items on the menu, and cheap too! 

The house/apt search is still going. We've gotten a few leads that I'm gonna check on tomorrow. Even if it takes us a few weeks to find a place on Douglas Island, we'll tough it out since that's where we really want to be. Downtown is cool but the parking situation is kind of a pain. If we didn't have a car here, I'd totally go for the downtown area. 

These guys are EVERYWHERE. Saw this one snatch a fish... pretty cool.

Mt. Roberts Tram

We hiked up a trail and got a bit closer to the snow. 

Tree carving

View of downtown Juneau from the tram

That ship was huge... tourists were everywhere! Apparently
this was the last cruise ship of the season. 
Yes, it was raining on our hike... Guess we better
get used to that! 

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