Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 5


The drive from Salt Lake City to Boise, Idaho has damn near sucked as bad as Kansas  been super boring. Those pretty mountains around Salt Lake turned into desert hills, desert, and more desert hills... and long, straight sections of road. It only took us about 5 hours, but it felt like 10 hours. I was so ready to get out of the car by the time we got to Boise! Winter slept the WHOLE WAY again. I knew she was fat and lazy, but not THAT lazy! haha. 

Before we left SLC, we went back to Antelope Island since our trip there last night was fun but cut short by the lack of daylight. It's $9 per vehicle to enter the park, and it's worth every penny! The sun was shining and there were only a few clouds in the sky. The visibility was really good and we could see pretty darn far across the lake (and it's one HUGE lake!). I'm working on a video of our Island trip but iMovie is taking literally 2 hours to export it. I should have it on here by tomorrow night. 

Other than this morning's several bison encounters, not much excitement has happened. We pretty much just drove straight to Boise, only stopping for gas. Winter has went straight to exploring each new hotel room as soon as we get her inside. She used to hide under the bed for a good 30 minutes until she figured out it was safe. Now she acts like she owns the place! 

We originally planned on driving straight to Bellingham, WA from Boise, but now we are thinking about staying in Yakima, WA for a night and finishing the drive Tuesday. That will give us two full days in Bellingham to get the car and the cat situated for the 3 day ferry ride to Juneau. We might even stay in Seattle a day too (mainly because the forecast is calling for sunshine and NOT rain). I'm so glad we left earlier than we originally planned. I think we would have made it in time to catch the ferry, but we would've had to haul ass and been stressed the whole drive. 

Here's some pics!

Antelope Island!

Pretty view.

That's one huge lake.


The bison seemed pretty tame.

Enjoying the view.

Bison in the mirror! Haha.

I didn't see the 'no touch' sign.

Up close and personal.

Is that considered jay-walking?

Dustin checking out the bison.

Winter half asleep on a spacebag... which is now just
a normal clear plastic bag full of clothes...

Welcome to IDAHO!
Which is the 2nd most boring state I've ever been in (so far).

Yep that's pretty much what we saw for 4 hours.

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