Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 7 - Seattle!

Seattle has been an absolute blast! Yesterday we took our time getting ready and leaving Yakima since Seattle was only a couple hours away. We went through Snoqualmie Pass which was extremely beautiful! Those mountains were super gnarly and jagged but gorgeous. We got to Seattle around noon and got a hotel so we could drop Winter off, then set out to enjoy the city. The first place we went was the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery. I love their wine and was super excited when I realized it was only a couple miles down the road from where we were staying! We took the tour, learned a bit more about wine and the history of that winery, then learned the proper way to 'oxidize' the wine for best taste, then drank some wine! The tour was completely free, and it included the free wine tasting. Score! 

After the winery, we headed to the Space Needle. You can't go to Seattle and NOT go up the Space Needle, right?! Traffic to get there was a clusterfuck. What should've took us 20 minutes took us about an hour. There was construction, road closures, and detour signs that made us re-route about a million times, but we finally made it! We went up and checked out the view, drank a beer, and I Skyped my mom from the top so she could see what I was seeing (thanks, technology!). We went to a cool little locals bar down the street called Bandits Bar and grabbed some food and a few more beers. We watched an IMAX movie 'To the Arctic' since all the other good ones were sold out. We thought it was an appropriate movie to watch since we were headed to Alaska! Haha. It was actually a pretty good movie.

After the movie it was almost sunset, so we hurried back up the Space Needle and saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen! (I think I've said that about 3 times on this road trip)

After that, we met up with Buck, a ski school buddy from Beech who lives out here now. It was good catching up with him over dinner and drinks. When we got back to the room we were so tired we crashed out quick which is why you're reading this post today and not last night :)  

Now we are going to make our way up to Bellingham, where we'll get on the ferry that will take us to Juneau. We don't leave until Friday, so we'll have time to explore Bellingham a bit.

Since I have a ton of pics from yesterday, I'm only gonna put a few on here. I am putting the rest of the Seattle pics in an album on Facebook. Here is the link: Seattle Album (I think you have to be logged into Facebook to view it)

Chateau Ste. Michelle winery

Chateau Ste. Michelle winery... one of my favorites!

Cheers to wine tasting!

Inside the winery
That's a LOT of wine. They produce over 4,000 bottles a DAY!

Snoqualmie Pass before we got to Seattle

Snoqualmie Pass

Snoqualmie Pass

View from the Space Needle!

So beautiful from up high.

Love it!


Space Needle as we were leaving.

Space Needle in the daytime

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