Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 9 - Mt Baker

Since we are already where we need to be on this leg of the trip and didn't have much to do today we decided to ride up and check out Mt. Baker, which was about an hour drive away from Bellingham. It sits at over 10,000 ft elevation and has a glacier field... which meant SNOW! I had to get my feet on some snow, even if I couldn't snowboard, I could still have some snow beneath me. 

The drive up to the mountain was beautiful. We went through a few little communities that had ski shops and rentals, rafting, and all sorts of mountain activities. Once we got closer and the whole mountain came into view, we were in awe. This is definitely the biggest mountain I've ever seen in person. And the fact that is had snow was even better! On our way to Seattle we drove right by Mt. Rainier, which is over 14,000 ft, but the smoke from the wildfires across the state made visibility next to none. 

We drove by Mt. Baker Ski Area and saw some chair lifts... it killed me. It figures the one time we go traveling cross-country passing a gazillion awesome ski areas, it's the wrong season! It's ok though, I know a badass mountain is awaiting us in Alaska.  

We drove as far up the mountain as the road allowed, driving by the infamous 'Mt. Baker Road Gap'. Pretty much anyone who knows anything about snowboarding has heard of this spot. 

Here's a video of one of my favorite riders at this spot...

Here's some pics from today!

Snow = :)


It's 'Hug a Glacier' day! 

Ahhhh... snow makes me so happy!

Winter likes the scenery too...

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