Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello, Beautiful Alaska

I'm so relieved that we made it all the way from Beech Mountain, NC to Juneau, AK with the car, us, and the cat all in one piece! The road trip was awesome and we saw some AMAZING places. The ferry ride was fun, other than a couple rough parts where I *almost* got seasick... not fully though! The whole ferry ride was gorgeous. Going through British Columbia, and visiting the little southeast Alaskan towns of Ketchikan, Wrangell, and Petersburg was priceless. The camping situations was fun. Dustin taped the tent down so well that I don't think Katrina could've budged it. The temp was comfortable so we didn't get cold at all on the whole ferry ride. I even wore my Chacos the entire trip so far, and will probably keep that up until I have to walk through snow (which will hopefully be SOON!)

Here are some pics from the ferry. We didn't get any shots of Petersburg because it was dark when we got there, and my phone was dead and the GoPro sucks at night. I wanted to get some footage of the ferry pulling up in Juneau, but we arrived at 4:30AM, which needless to say we were packing up and getting our stuff ready to drive off the boat. I'll have plenty of Juneau photos soon, I promise!

Dustin setting up the tent.


Pulling up to Ketchikan


Wrangell... cute little island town.

Yup, it was raining.

Dinner with a view!

Wrangell Narrows... they call it that for a reason!

Wrangell Narrows

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