Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 6

Nothing too exciting today. We left Boise around lunch time and drove through the rest of Idaho, part of Oregon and into Washington. The rest of Idaho was not very scenic. There are wildfires around the area so everything was kinda smokey. My eyes burned the whole way through the state. Oregon was ok... lots of big hills which eventually turned into some pretty big mountains in the distance. Lots of 'Oregon Trail' signs. 

At one point we were about 2 hours away from Mt. Hood. It killed us both knowing we were so close to snow but couldn't enjoy any of it. Apparently they are closed mid-September till mid-October for maintenance. Perfect timing for us, huh? My snowboard itch is in full force right now... it actually has been since we left knowing that we were headed for such epic snow and powder. If Hood was open, we would've been there in a heartbeat! Summer snowboarding (real snow, not just snowflex or shaved ice) is definitely on my to-do list! 

Washington has been pretty but not what I expected the state to look like. I know we'll see more mountains once we get closer to the coast. I'm pretty sure we went through Washington's wine country. For miles and miles we saw nothing but vineyards lining both sides of the interstate. Kinda makes me crave a big glass of merlot! 

We are currently in Yakima, WA... we could've made it to Seattle if we wanted since it's only a couple more hours down the road, but since we have a few days to kill we decided to stop here. We plan on getting up early and getting to Seattle in the morning so we can spend the day sightseeing. I want to go up in the Space Needle! I also wanted to eat in the restaurant at the top but changed my mind after looking at the menu online... good food but everything is super expensive.

Winter has been her lazy, usual self since the beginning of the trip. She found a new spot to be lazy... on top of my newly un-sealed spacebag of clothes. At least she seems like a happy kitty. I was worried at first that she would be super stressed the whole time, but she could care less. The ferry ride will probably be a different story. She'll be stuck in the car the whole time (they won't let pets leave the car) and I can only go check on her a couple times a day, or if we are in port. I guess I'll have to buy her a new toy when we get to Juneau...



More of Oregon but at least there's bigger mountains in the distance!

This pass we went through was pretty cool.
Hard to see, but Welcome to Washington! We missed the Oregon sign :(

Grape vines as far as the eye can see!

Winter's new spot. It's fluffy, right above my head, and she can see
out the windshield... I don't blame her, I'd be laying there too!

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