Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 8 - Bellingham - The End Of The Road!

Well, it's over. We have reached our road trip destination - Bellingham, WA

It's hard to think that only a few days a go we were sitting on our couch on Beech Mountain. Six months ago if you told me or Dustin that we would be in Bellingham, WA waiting on a ferry to take us to Juneau to live, I'd tell you that you have lost your damn mind! 

Now we wait till Friday, which is our departure date on the ferry. We rode to the ferry terminal today to check it out so we know where to go (definitely don't wanna be late for that!). The drive here from Seattle was so beautiful. The whole west coast part of Washington is absolutely breathtaking. Everywhere you look, there are huge, beautiful, majestic mountains. We saw Mt. Baker from the interstate, and oh my god is it HUGE! And there was snow up top! Snow covered mountains always make me smile! I love it here, but I'll love Juneau lots more!

We got here around noon and got a hotel room for the next two nights and got the kitty situated. Winter is such a good roadie. I'm definitely gonna start taking her with me more in the car. I think she actually enjoys it. We drove around Bellingham for a good while. It's such a beautiful town, and the views are amazing here. I'd almost want to live here if I wasn't going somewhere better. We got some lunch at a cool lil burger joint in downtown. That was the best chicken sandwich I think I've ever had, and Dustin's burger choice was epic. 

We went to three parks that were nice. The first one had a ton of waterfalls, and a cool natural looking water slide that people were sliding down. There were a bunch of trails that we walked that just kept leading to more and more falls. The water felt nice surprisingly. I got my feet wet expecting it to be ice cold but that wasn't the case here. The second one, Boulevard Park, was really cool. They had a boardwalk over the water and a coffee shop that had some damn good hibiscus iced tea. We walked around, then got our bikes down and rode around for a bit. I caught crabs. Well, one little guy anyways. He was cool and didn't even try to pinch me! After we explored that park, we went to another park on the water to watch the sunset. I think it was called Marine Park, or something similar to that. The sunset was so pretty. I have seen SO many awesome sunsets since leaving the east coast. 

Tomorrow's plan is to ride up to Mt. Baker and check it out. Gotta have a road gap photo! Other than that, we just need to get things organized and ready for the ferry on Friday. There's a few things we need to get, like duct tape to secure our tent to the deck... we don't wanna blow overboard in the middle of the Inside Passage. I guess we better get some strong tape! I'm super excited about camping on the ferry. I mean, not many people can say they've camped out on a ship! They say there's wifi on the ferry, so hopefully it will be working good so I can Skype my friends and upload pics. I probably won't post anything else until Friday night or Saturday morning, but you never know... if something exciting happens tomorrow I might just have to share it! 

Here are some pics!

As if one log truck wasn't sketchy enough...

Winter chillin'


I had to get my feet wet.

Pretty waterfall.

This waterslide was so cool.

These lil guys were everywhere!

People were swimming and jumping at every water hole.

Waterfalls are awesome :)


I can't wait to eat his big brother in AK.
Dustin on the beach... 

Pretty Bellingham sunset!


Gone! Goodbye sun.

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