Thursday, September 13, 2012

Roadtrip Day 2

We made it to Denver! 

So happy to see those Rocky Mountains! And how beautiful those mountains are! They seem massive compared to the good ol NC mountains. The drive to get here today was the most boring drive I think I've ever made. We left a little later than expected... around 10AM. Sleeping in a bit felt SO good though. The drive through the rest of Missouri was pretty boring. The Missouri State Troopers were out hot and heavy... passed a ton of cars pulled over, but thanks to our handy radar detector we were safe and sound :) After a couple hours we were in Kansas City. The interstate through there was a clusterfuuuuuk. Good thing all we had to do was stay straight! Haha. 

The rest of Kansas sucked. I officially HATE Kansas. It was nothing but corn fields, windmills, and oil  wells. Thank goodness for cruise control because the road was loooong and straight. The cat pretty much slept the whole way again. She would occasionally wake up and come lay down in my lap. I guess hours and hours in her carrier got boring. I don't think I could've been happier to see the Colorado state sign. 

The first bit of Colorado was pretty boring too. Looked just like Kansas, but the fact that we were in Colorado and not Kansas made it seem much more interesting. After a few hours we saw the lovely mountains appear and oh how excited I was! So here we are in our hotel with pizza and wine :) Winter is acting completely normal... trying to steal our food and exploring her new temporary surroundings. We are staying here until Saturday morning and then heading to Salt Lake City. 

Here are some photos!

Missouri... or Mexico? :)

Kansas City... the Missouri side of it.

Kansas City Royals stadium... there was another stadium behind it... KC Chiefs maybe?

Little did we know that this would be so lame.

Kansas... windmills were everywhere!

Kansas... boring, flat Kansas...
Colorado... sunset... cat in the lap... good day!

Hard to see since this is GoPro footy, but those are the Rockies in the distance!

Winter chillin... she makes a good lap kitty!


  1. This is awesome!! I love reading about your travels and looking at the photos. miss you guys already!! Safe travels ahead.

  2. Be careful with the radar detector when you get to hills. I got pulled over when I was out west going over a hill and a trooper was waiting on the other side. Radar detector never saw him, as it only goes in a straight line.

  3. Thanks Renee, we can't really speed anyways since the bikes are on top. 70 is about as fast as we can go without the wind making them get really wobbly lol.