Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 3 - Denver

*** Edit: We have found Internet that doesn't suck! So here's my post from last night... We are currently in Glenwood Springs on route to SLC. I'll hopefully be able to post another update tonight from today's trip! ***

Well Denver has been fun. We slept in a bit this morning and enjoyed the day riding around and exploring. We found a cool bike park... the Barnum Bike Park... also known as Trestle Bike Skills Course. All our elbow/knee pads were packed under god knows what, and the only helmet we could get to was Dustin's so we didn't ride too hardcore. I made a couple loops, and Dustin made a few more than I did. 

After the bike park, we drove around the city for a bit. All I can say is that I hate driving in cities. Every street I wanted to turn down was a 'one way' in the opposite direction that I wanted to go. Denver is definitely a lot bigger than I thought it was. The downtown area was pretty huge. 

Winter behaved like an angel again today. If I would've known she was such a good travel kitty I would've been taking her places with me all along. I think the vibration of the car is kinda relaxing to her, since most of the time she immediately just goes to sleep. Dustin figured out how to keep the car running with the doors locked from the outside (it was more complicated than you might think) so Winter could be nice and cool if we have to run in somewhere or go to a restaurant. She's such a spoiled lil kitty.

We've decided to change our route. Instead of driving north through Wyoming to get to Salt Lake City, we are going to stay on I-70 and drive west through the Rockies. It will be a much more scenic drive and there are a couple cool spots we want to stop and check out along the way (and we can see a few ski resorts from the interstate!). We'll probably call it a night around the SLC area since it's about an 8 hour drive from Denver to SLC. Oh, and we can't forget about In-N-Out Burger! We are definitely stopping there since I've never had one... and it will be the ONLY fast food we eat along the way. We've done pretty good about not eating junk food so far. The only snack I've gotten at a gas station is some cinnamon coated almonds, and Dustin hasn't bought the first bag of beef jerky yet, which is actually pretty amazing! Haha.

Here are some photos!

This place was awesome.

Dustin's view from the rollercoaster feature.

Another view of the rollercoaster feature.


Park view...

Another park view...

Pump track was fun... not meant for a DH bike though...
Another wall ride/box feature.

She's so spoiled... this is where she's spent most of her time in the car.

Too bad there wasn't a Rockies game today.

These 'dispensaries' were everywhere... I mean EVERYWHERE!

Too funny to NOT take a photo...

Downtown Denver.

You can tell we've got some weight in the back (and on top) ... goodbye aerodynamics! 

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