Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fish Creek Hike & Sea Creatures!

Well we sat around contemplating on how we're gonna cook our Thanksgiving turkey tomorrow and then decided to go on a hike! Since we didn't have much daylight left, maybe 3 hours, we decided on a shorter hike and to explore the Fish Creek area a bit more. We hiked for a little over an hour, then decided to head back so we could make it to the car before it got dark.

Fish Creek Trail is a beautiful trail. It winds through the woods following Fish Creek for what seems to be quite the distance. I have to idea how far the trail goes, and one day when we get an early start I would like to hike the entire trail. It wasn't too cold... mid-20s maybe. I got a few good pics along the way. 

We got back sooner than expected and still had some light left, so we drove on up the road to soak in the amazing views from North Douglas. We pulled over at a spot by the water (not sure what this place is called either). Followed the shoreline a bit, splashed through the water, checked out some tide pools, snapped a few more pics, then called it a day.

Fish Creek

Fish Creek

Ice circles?

Fish Creek

Fish Creek

Fish Creek

Fish Creek

FIsh Creek

Fish Creek... Dustin's slushy footprint

Snow on a baby tree :)

Our sea friends that made an appearance

Mountains on Admiralty Island

Frozen waterfall by the road


Row of anemones in a tide pool

Cool looking little sea creatures...

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