Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Power to the Powder

Today we hiked up Eaglecrest and got some turns in again. This time, on actual POWDER boards. Dustin was on a Capita Charlie Slasher 158 and I was on the same board but in a 154. Thanks to Spenser for letting us borrow these boards, we got some amazing turns in! 

We hiked to the top of the ridge and the view was more than amazing. Snow covered mountain ranges in all directions, and birds eye view of the Inside Passage around us, not to mention a few ravens that kept making an appearance. Although the sun wasn't completely out, we could see that strange ball of energy through the overcast and a lovely 'halo' was surrounding it. I've seen this several times back home, but being on top of a mountain with these views, deep snow, and a sun halo to top it off was just epic. 

The hike was pretty tiring. It snowed a significant amount since the last time we hiked up, and without snowshoes or splits, it was quite a workout. Not that I'm complaining... it's well worth the sweat and burning legs to get to the top of that ridge and see what we saw today. 

Oh yeah, the ride down was pretty fun too! The snow was still nice and fluffy from the past snowfall and since we were on bigger boards, staying afloat and making awesome turns was effortless. I'm still a little weary of attempting any significant drop since I'm not used to riding actual powder, plus being on a board I wasn't really used to riding. I certainly don't want to attempt a drop with my Smokin' board, mainly because it's just too damn short for that kind of riding. Park boards and powder drops don't mix very well :)

Next time I'm going to give my Burton Feelgood a try. It's only a 149, but it's a bit stiffer and has more of a nose so hopefully it will be powder friendly. After today, I've decided I want to stick around a 154 or slightly smaller for my next board purchase... and hopefully that purchase will be a split! 

Here are a few photos (and a video!)

Looking up towards the top of Black Bear chair

The sun halo was so beautiful

Looking back on Douglas and a view of part of Juneau through the valley

Awesome trees :)

Once we got closer to the top, we were easily sinking knee deep

Looking towards Admiralty Island 

Mountains, snow, water... what could be more beautiful?!

Note: This video was still 'processing' when I posted this, so if it's still not ready to view, please check back later! :)

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