Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh, Alaska, How You Continue To Amaze Me

So today we went on a hike and ride mission. 

What an EPIC day it was! 
I got my first taste of REAL powder. Finally. I know there will be lots more where that came from, but it is still blowing my mind as I type. The snow is just so different than back home. Different, in an AMAZING way. I love Alaska. I mean, I freaking LOVE Alaska! I could ride what I rode today all winter and be the happiest girl in the world. Thanks to our friend Spenser, we got to explore a lot more terrain than what we have previously seen and ridden. I still can't get over how awesome the snow was. For me, that amount of snow is way more than the best pow day I've ever experienced. If you've ever seen me super excited after a run down some amazing Southern Star snow drifts at Beech, then multiply that by a bazillion. That's how stoked I am right now. 

I knew Alaska would be amazing. But if it's this amazing already, and the resort hasn't even OPENED yet, then I can't even imagine on how even more in love with these beautiful mountains I will be after the winter is over. 

I'm wondering why the hell didn't we decide to move up here sooner! 

Here are a few shots from today.

^Nope, of course that's not me on my ass haha.
Photo Credit: Spenser Johnson

^Haha sorry Dustin, I had to post this one :)

^LOVE this photo of us!
Photo Credit: Spenser Johnson

^This guy (or gal?) was chillin in a tree as we rode by. 
Porcupines are so cute!

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